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I'm Donald Caillouette,

here to help you.


Don Caillouette grew up in New Orleans and has first hand experience being in a number of hurricane events. Don holds a bachelor of arts degree, in geography/urban studies from Southeastern Louisiana University. Don has been involved in the field of urban planning for the past thirty five years. His career as a planner started in St. Bernard parish Louisiana. In 1987 he relocated to Venice Florida to work for the city of Venice. As a comprehensive planner Don has been involved in developing a number of disaster related documents including several comprehensive plans, local mitigation and strategy plans and post disaster redevelopment plans. 


                For decades, I have attended numerous

               planning conferences and, in most cases, the                    topic of hurricane planning is a rare topic.  Don          is the only planner that I know of that has championed the need for hurricane planning.  I have seen Don’s presentations at several planning meetings. His messages and lectures are spot on in addressing disaster needs.  He is good at relating the importance of hurricane issues along with the need for mitigation solutions.  He has a lifetime of knowledge that is communicated to us in his books.  His stories and writings remind us that hurricane impacts are a part of life in coastal communities.
This book is designed to enhance and expand your knowledge of disaster planning.  Don has a heart for promoting hurricane planning awareness at all levels.  This includes all levels of government along with individuals who may have to deal with residential redevelopment. His books are informative with his personal experiences in the field of disaster planning.  Don is a firm believer that coastal communities need to be better prepared to address hurricane events, and that is the purpose of his books. Don’s books, if followed, provide a basis to protect property and lives and assist in the redevelopment after the storm. These books are a must-read for all Florida planning professionals and all elected officials.

Stephen W. Thompson, Esq.
Najmy Thompson, P.L.
Bradenton, Florida


The Hurricane Tolerant Community Story will be part of Donald Caillouette’s presentation at the 67th Florida Planning and Zoning Association Annual State Conference, Planning for the Winds of Change, June 5-7, 2019 in Key West, Florida.  The topic of the presentation is on Hurricane Planning and Disaster Tolerant Zoning Code with discussion about his books including The Ultimate Hurricane Survival Guide and The Ultimate Hurricane Planning Guide.

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