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         Main purpose of each chapter:
The Unknown World in Which We Live-

This chapter zeros in on the importance of knowing the hurricane history of Florida.
Riding the Ride-

This chapter describes what it is like to experience being in a hurricane, along with how hurricanes are unpredictable during a hurricane event.
Back to the Future-

This chapter provides information on how to find the needed resources concerning your property’s vulnerability to hurricanes.
What Does Sheltering Mean?-

This chapter outlines the different options in securing a safe place to stay during a hurricane event.
What’s Next? -

This chapter addresses how to have a signature hurricane plan that is tailored just for you and your family.
Condominium Hurricane Plan-

This chapter reveals how condominium board members can be better prepared for an event, as with all of the homeowners.
Mobile and Manufactured Home Park Plan- This chapter provides ways of enhancing your mobile home community into being more hurricane tolerant and to promote the park homeowners’ association to develop their own hurricane plan.

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