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The Ultimate Hurricane Survival Guide


“The Ultimate Hurricane Survival Guide” is written to assist you to be fully knowledgeable of all aspects of preparing for a hurricane event.   Each chapter is geared toward providing hurricane mitigation information that will empower individuals, homeowners, and consultants.  This knowledge will assist in providing a proactive role in preserving all aspects of a community from a hurricane event.

“In all of my years as an emergency management chief, I have read countless books about hurricane preparedness.  Out of them, Don’s books are on the top of the list” 


- ​ Edward J. Mc Crane Jr., Emergency Management Chief, Sarasota County Government.

For Kindle

The book is designed to communicate on a user friendly level by offering the reader the following:
  A narrative of the journey and impact of the Black Hole Hurricane.
  True hurricane stories.
 Useful hurricane facts.
 Assist individuals in developing a personnel hurricane plan.
 Debunking popular hurricane myths.
 Listing of helpful hurricane related information.
The community components that are discussed include traditional housing, manufactured home parks, and condominiums.  The book is designed to provide useful information in each chapter that that would assist people and communities to be totally prepared. This book was designed to assist everyone within a community.  The following information gives insight on the main purpose of each chapter:
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